Ready to dive into a new gastronomic experience in KL?

Imagine a submarine ride 20,000 of leagues under the sea that offers mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks? Well, with the Submarine Restaurant located right in the heart of KL, there is no need to take up this daunting trip in order to feel what it’s like being a little dazed under the sea.

Brand Story

Welcome To Submarine

In this restaurant you will get the different dining experience served inside a submarine, but relax, the submarine will not go anywhere. This building has been modified into submarine interior that offers mouth-watering food and thirst-quenching drinks. Well, with the Submarine Restaurant located right in the heart of KL, there is no need to take up a trip in order to feel what it’s like being a little dazed under the sea.

Designed to resemble an actual submarine, this experience will definitely be unforgettable for family and friends. Combined with family fun and great Malaysian food, the Submarine KL is definitely the instagram worthy place for good eats. Our entire cabin team clad with submarine uniforms will give more exciting experience just like you are sailing. We promise you will be amazed with these experiences.

Asian Cuisine

In a country where the eating never seems to stop, you’ve got the opportunity to get to know quite a few of our famous Malaysian dishes. Our noted chefs are task everyday to create various famous Malaysian dishes from Malay, Chinese, Indian & even western cuisine that will guarantee to whet your appetite with a fair price.

Reasonable Price

We emphasize in making sure our price is reasonable and it adds value to the meal served to you and each and everyone gets to enjoy the meals!

Great Dining Experience @ Ground Floor

As you walk into the submarine ground floor, you are able to enjoy the view of underwater submarine whereby the vessel window has a view of deep sea fishes and colors, the interior is well done with colors that make you feel you’re under the ocean.

Idiosyncratic style
Our designers have painstakingly undertook extensive research for the project, producing numerous sketches, studying submarine interior, importing and assembling actual submarine parts to create the authentic experience for everyone

On Top of Blue Ocean @ 1st Floor

When you enter the 1st floor, our submarine window view will be above the sea level which has been surmerged. Enjoy the dining feeling when your on top of blue ocean

On Air Submarine @ 2nd Floor

2nd floor is called On Air Submarine, whereby the submarine as similar lookalike with airline aircraft. We have designed the both side of walls to small square windows like an aircraft and you may see a incredible view of sky and earth. With light musics sounds will enhance more relaxations and comfort on your dining experience.

Private Event @ 3rd Floor

We also have reserved the 3rd floor for private event bookings.

Open Air Dining Concept

The Submarine Restaurant KL consist of 4 floors with an open air dining concept located on the 4th floor. Enjoy the rooftop with open natural air. The rooftop gives you a peaceful view in the evenings & the breeze will make you feel cozy seating and dining above evening at night!

Submarine’s Signature Dishes

Submarine is also now coming to specialize in Indian Muslim Dishes.

Malay Cuisine

Asam Pedas

Chinese Cuisine

Steam Food & Seafood

Indian Cuisine

Chettinad Banana Leaf Sets

Western Cuisine

Pasta, Grills & Salads

Sailing Now

Come and feel the Experience

*special set up at Roof top*

– Opening Soon –

Experience yourself walking on a small ladder to get to the top level of the submarine and enjoy dining on the rooftop with natural air . Places are limited to 20 packs on each deck and reservations is required. Enjoy the lighting’s on our submarine and our signature grilled chicken served straight from the grill pan.


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